Tuesday, August 20, 2013


yes. I am so sorry for delaying my write up. been so busy since the last time I've wrote the previous entry. but not to worry. I'll start again soon enough as I have A LOT to share with you lovelies.


p/s: I am so freakin happy during this moment I'm typing this entry. :D

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 11

Day 11- Something I That I Crave A Lot...

hm...there's this one thing that I craved so much every single time I am alone. fruit juices! ahhhh...


p/s: feels like getting myself a nice, sweet and cold watermelon juice. ohmaiiigashhh

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 10

Day 10- A photo of the item I last purchased...

hm...previously in my entry I did say I was busy here and there right? because for the last few days I were busy shopping for raya! but I am so sorry coz I can't put the pictures of the items I've bought because I didn't took any. sorry peeps!


p/s: was so in love with the Charles & Keith peep toe that I didn't buy.heh

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 6, 7, 8 and 9

I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry for not updating. been busy going here and there since last saturday actually. that makes me a little tired and to actually sit in front of my lappy and blog this down also adalah sangat sangat sangat malas.huhu

but no worries. I'll make sure that for the days that I've skipped blogging this blog challenge, I'll sum up the amount of days I've left in one entry so that it would be easy for you guys to catch up. like what I did in my previous entry.

Day 6- What Makes Me Different from Anyone Else...

hm.. I don't really think I differ from the rest of the people I know or even the people I mingle with. but somehow most of my friends think that I am one good planner and somehow I kinda agree with them. I mean, I LOVEEEEEEEE to plan anything and most of what I've planned would eventually flows very well. so I guess I could say that I am a good planner! lol

Day 7- If I Could Wish Anything That Would Come True, What Would I Wish For...

- I would actually wish for all my family members to be with me till the day I took my last breath. already living without atok and ummi for nearly a year now really kills if I would need to go through another loss. I could actually can't go through it. not anymore.

- another wish that I'm gonna wish for is to have a very good life ahead me which includes good career, good marriage life, and of course good ibadah with the one ultimate creator, ALLAH SWT.

Day 8- Have I Ever Had My Heart Broken and Have I Ever Broken A Heart...

oh ho. this is actually very serious topic.hahaha. hm..it's gonna be a pure lie if I say that my heart was never been hurt. eventually, yes. someone did broke my heart and it was years ago. but what I can say is that maybe memang takde jodoh between us both (gitchuuuu...) so till now we maintained as friends and hopefully will always be so till the end of our lives journey, InsyaAllah. and as me breaking someone's heart, nahhh. so far, I'm still the one who really wouldn't have the guts to do so. err...am I?hahha

Day 9- My Dream Wedding...

I read what my dear friend wrote in her entry about this and she thinks that she can't go more than me coz I pretty much have a very long list for my wedding.hahaha. well guys, eventually she's right!

I've been dreaming on how my wedding should be when I got married since I don't know, forever?! I once wrote an entry regarding this topic but still I wanna share again with you guys specifically about my latest dream wedding.

I think I would want 4 ceremonies for my wedding. most importantly of course the solemnization ceremony followed by my reception, a simple reception just for our friends and acquaitance and his side.

I wanna have that so called white spring and romantic theme for my solemnization or nikah which everything should be in white and pastels colors that will light up the romantic aura. and I want it to be done at my house. a place where I've grown up and there is where I want my status to change from single to married. my dulang girls will be wearing any kinds of dresses that they want BUTTTTTT I want it to be baby pink. as for the groom's side, the dulang boys will be wearing a full set black baju melayu. the maids will be wearing mint green, my family will be wearing baby blue and his side will be wearing lilac.

as for my reception I was thinking for something more traditional and classy. was thinking of wearing gold but traditional doesn't mean that I have to dress like olden days so I think me and my husband (like seriously I mentioned that?!) gonna wear any shades of gray or silver which I think the new in colors for bridal outfits. my maids will be wearing peach, my side will be wearing the royal green color and his side will be wearing maroon or red. literally, blood red if I can say.

in malay custom, mostly for the groom's side there won't be a very big celebration as how the bride would do. but who cares! he gets me as his wife so dearly in-laws, you just won't escape in doing a grand wedding on your side to welcome me to your family.lalala. I was thinking something simple and demure for my husband's reception. the theme would be English but of course with the touch of contemporary and not to forget the elements of traditional to be included. we both would wear turqoise green or blue while my maids gonna wear cream, my family gold and his family would be in silver.

now here's the best thing. I've seen this one wedding and I've attend a wedding which was only for friends and no family members at all. and I was like, I soooooooooo wanna have this for my wedding. it would be a leisure one and the theme would be glam & glitz. knowing my friends, I'm pretty sure they will so gonnaaaaa dress up so much that they will go on top of me.haha. I'm gonna wear off white and he will wear a tux. for this reception, I will let anyone, anyone to give their speech. then I'll know what do they think about us through out the years that we've became friends. intresting huh? you bet it will.

besides that, I was thinking to have one of this malay custom for my wedding celebration, the adat bersiram. it's when I'm gonna be poured by the elderly or anyone with water along with few types of flowers which according to the old days people to naikkan the seri of the bride. uh-huh! that is what I wanna hear. I wanna be glowing all the time. oh come on, it's my freaking wedding! should be laa I glow all the time kannn?hahahhaha


p/s: heart attack maybe for anyone who's becoming my husband.hahaha

Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 4 & 5

seems like I owe something to myself and even my precious blog. my internet line was down for two days and mannnnn, you can't tell how did I survived through these days. yeayyy to me I guess?hahahhaha

so here it is, MY FREAKIN BLOG CHALLENGE!!!!!

Day 4- My Celebrity Crush

are you kidding me? there would be a very longgggggggggggg list for this question laaa. but just to mention a few of them (which are actually quite a number) ,

- the kinda old but versatile actor, Hugh Grant.

- also I would say the gorgeous, perfect kind of husband, Brad Pitt.

- obviously, the drop dead handsome lelaki melayu terakhir for time being, Remy Ishak.

- and did I mention Izzue Islam? oh yes peeps. he has what it takes to be my crush. LOL

-simply had a crush on him when I were a form two student since he was the first Malaysian Angkasawan, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor or more known as Dr SMS.

- and yes. I do have crush on girls too. well in this case I would say that Nasha Aziz, Nora Danish and Vivy Yusof are one heck of beautiful ladies I've ever laid my eyes on. gitchuuuu

- and yes, Adi Putra. ahhhhhh

Day 5- A Habit that I Wish I don't Have

aah-huh! this one freakin habit that I hated so much. tidur lepas makan. oh godddd. that is why it's so so so so so hard to reduce my weight. :(


p/s: it's getting fun. yeayyy!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 3

here's a quick update before I leave for my Eco class. yes people, I have night class but luckily it's only for an hour!

Day 3- My Favourite Movies

when it comes to movies, all that I can say is that I am no fan of horror movie. pretty lame maybe, but I am so not gonna waste my time watching something that can make me tired at the end of the movie by eventually screaming through out the showtime. na-ah!

anything funny, sweet, romantic, adventurous, superheroes kinds of movies pretty much are my favourite.

but still my favourite movie all time (for time being) would be Notting Hill. yeap. the one Julia Robert and Hugh Grant acted in. simple but yet, each scene means so much if you really watch it. ahhh. till now whenever I watch it, I will go aaaahhh, uuuuu, awwww. hahahhahhahahha


p/s: triggers me to visit Notting Hill after watching that movie.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 2

here goes my day 2 challenge.

Day 2- My Favourite Song

undoubtedly, I have LOADS of favourite songs. living for already into my 20th year, can you possibly imagine how many songs could manage to sneak into my list. and eventually, I've kinda already blogged it before under this tittle The Chart . so why not, we just save the hustle and lets continue tomorrow ehh?


p/s: I guessed somethings are just meant to be ehh?

Monday, July 22, 2013

a 30 days blog challenge// Day 1

so, I've came across my friend's blog recently and you can check it here if you wanna know more. she started doing this thing called blog challenge and I thought, oh why not trying! seems fun and it only takes me 30 days to complete this challenge. guess then you'll be seeing me spamming your blog list (if you are following my blog) oftenly starting from today onwards till another 29 days to come. so here goes the challenge...

courtesy of bellaregaza

Day 1- Facts About Me

-I'm certainly a family girl. my weekends will always be filled with family's activities and I enjoyed to be part of it.

-I kinda love nature. I mean, I do love the seas and the mountains and the forests but somehow certain animals just freaks me out. I just hate fury animals especially rats. whenever I see rats anywhere near me, for only that moment you can see me running faster than usain bolt. no kiddin...

-heels lover. don't you think we girls looked sexayyy in heels? the higher, the better.

-recently I started to like all this vintage look on everything especially on accessories and also pictures. mannn...they do look good!

-everything that includes romance in it. haa..check out my blog's background. isn't it sweet when you look at it?

-hm...I kinda fell for mostly guys who their names starts with H. ackward...


p/s: well, at least now I'm commited.

Monday, July 15, 2013


and the latest hit on my music player!


p/s: honey you're my golden star, tauuuu!haha

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!

hello there. or better, Assalamualaikum dearies.

and so, it's Ramadhan! alhamdulillah because we've been given the oppurtunity to again go through this one precious holy month. ramadhan as far as already into it's sixth day for us at home were good. obviously not as good as past years, but life has to go on. surely ummi and atok wouldn't want us to undergo this month surrounded by sadness and keep on grieving, non?

just a quick update on what I've been gone through since the last entry. yes, the fourth semester started, and guess what? my schedule for this semester is deliberately very FREE. I'm not having any classes on monday which there won't be any monday blues for me for the upcoming 14 weeks and most of my classes weren't that packed at all. dahell happened to the system but all hails to UiTM for arranging such schedule for DMC 4D. lol.

most of my lecturers are men which I think they were so much FUN to be with especially for modern issues, publishing and grapic. and not to mention that my lecturer for graphic and publishing is the same and he, himself addressed him as the pharaoh because according to him, he is as the same kind as the pharaoh when it comes to dicipline and works. jeez. remind me not to create problem with him ehh.

as for journalism, we've got a lady and she's seriously been very good to me.haha. she even thought that I was the class rep which obviously I'm not and keep looking for me everytime before class starts. and somehow, I do have this feeling that I'm gonna love journalism based on what she've taught us recently... I guess.kroh krohh

and what else? hm...assignments? urghhh. makes me sick everytime I think about it. can we just skip that part till the next entry? will be getting all the patience to talk about it.huhu

and hey! Auntie Ros had given birth to a very healthy baby boy on the first of ramadhan. yeayyy! and he surely looks like gonna be a very handsome man like how his papa looks like. Auntie Ros has given birth which leaves Auntie Gina to soon join the motherhood club anytime from now onwards. goodluck Auntie Gina and Auntie Ros! and surely a big welcome to the world, Syed Farish Wafiy bin Syed Syazwan Al-Qadry!

that's all for now, perhaps? will try to write soon despite my upcoming busy schedule. selamat bersahur and berpuasa everyone!


p/s: having this difficulty to actually not to start smiling whenever he texts me. chaiit!

Friday, June 7, 2013

scares the shit out of me

tak mau balik lendu. freakin fullstop!


p/s: resolution for this 3rd semester's holiday ain't complete. yet.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Indah Cintaku

psst. yes, call me some jiwang karat lady. but aww..this song is such a cutie lah. fell in love instantly with the lyrics.


p/s: never expect for someone who is perfect when you, yourself aren't that perfect. at all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cinta Sejati

I've came across this song few days ago and damn the lyrics and the melody really melts me on the spot. in fact the movie itself made me shed tears while watching it. such a great movie and song. hats off!


p/s: BCL never fails to make me love her songs.

insanity strikes. mayday mayday!

Oh My Freakin Handphone! man, I've lost my baby at Taiping on my last day being there and now I'm phoneless. shitzzz. it's been two days without my baby and trust me when I say, I MISS MY BABY. it may not be as expensive as these days phones but buying it with my very own money and it cost me RM1000+ when I bought it using my own salary, after 3 months working at Hush Puppies before. 

so, I need a replacement.haisyo. which mama clearly mentions that she doesn't want to waste her money for. *sigh* . so I have to either save up real big fortune through out this semester, to work my ass off during the next semester holiday or just wait if ANYONE is kind enough to buy me one. *cross fingers*

it's between this 5 hard selections. amaigatzzzz!

anyone? please? T____T


p/s: sampai batuk + demam fikir pasal ni. hampehzzzz

Thursday, May 30, 2013


well hello there. again I do think that I do best in writing, so this is why I'm back. dearie lappy was not in a good condition for the pass one month and so makes me a little crazeeeeh since I have so much to write up for my 2 months holidays. but when it's back to business, well, penyakit M saya pun mula lah membiak kembali dalam setiap urat dalam badan ni sampai hilang terus feel nak bebel pape. lame. I know. blerggh

so, today it's the 30th of May. and wow, how time flies!! which means we are getting closer to Ramadhan and Syawal. gahh. one thing for sure, both of this sacred months will never be the same again. there wouldn't be atok's rendang ayam for hari mantai (which is the Ramadhan and Syawal's eve. the Negeri Sembilan's people named it as hari mantai) and ummi's kuah kacang (nuts gravy) for hari raya. maigadd! been 19 years that I had those dishes for my raya treats and all of the sudden, I wouldn't get to eat it anymore after this.

now and then, I tend to get jealous whenever I see my friends updating about their grandparents. kinda of envy too. tried not to be such a baby about that, but losing ummi and atok in such a time is not a good thing for me. it's kinda unfair to lose them both when I haven't achieved anything to make them proud of me. mama for example, her grandmother whom I addressed as nyang lived till she was 90 years old while mama was 49. 49! mama got to give her grandmother to see her with 3 kids. and me? sigh.

but whatever it is, I know ALLAH SWT has better plans for both atok and ummi and all that I can do is that to always pray for them. ~Al-Fatihah~

and so. speaking about raya, well this year we've decided to pick Mint Green as our theme color. main reason why we chose this color because Aunty N is getting married in September and it's her theme color. so to actually save up some cost because we are going somewhere for a short trip in middle of september, mama asked to just make that color as our theme color too. whatever you said, mam...

courtesy of google

so this is the color that I should be looking for. and this year jugak iolls nak try beli baju dah siap. oh no. I am not talking about custom made kurungs but those which are sold at boutiques. takpelah mahal sikit as long iolls tak payah nak memeningkan kepala nak fikir nak jahit kat mana because my tailor yang sekarang ni dah macam tak reti nak menjahit langsung. eee...bengkak pulak hati kita ni tau!

I've tried checking out online boutiques but oh maiii. can't they be more expensive? RM550 for a thai silk kurung which I can get it at Jalan TAR for just...what? RM35?pfft. baru ingat nak grab the ones Jovian Mandagie and Rizalman selling now at Zalora. but still of course there wouldn't be my choice of color. this is the hardest part when it comes on buying ready made kurungs *double sigh*

so I guess I just have to go to the hot spots like Shah Alam or Jalan TAR to get the kurung. gahhhh! killing me to actually walk from one shop to another.haisyo. means that I have to block two days which means my weekend to go around. pray for me please? thank you!


p/s: juling mata iolls tengok color yang menariks. thinking to pick the colors now for my 5 years plan. *pukes*

dream wardrobe

literally every normal girl would dream of having their very own wardrobe. and guess what? I am not excluded from the list! *lame, I know. just bear with it*

I've never thought that I would be saying this, but I might be getting a husband *coughs* that can provide me the wardrobe of my dream. maybe when he was about to become my husband or better still, le boyfriend, I'll just shoot him with..."hey! so do you think you can get me my very own wardrobe when we get married later?" LOL. if he says yes, oh wow! what a guy I'm getting married to! he must have really loves me, don't you think so?

as a husband, it is their duty to make their wife to be happy sooooo, if he plans to make me happy and so that he don't have to spend his nights outside of our room, I recommendly advising whoever he is to take note of what I want for my wardrobe. *coughs again*

wardrobe checklist:

    • separate wardrobe for us both. err...I know that we are husband and wife but are you sure you wanna share it with me? because I can feel that you would also have your very own clothes or shoes and God knows how many could it be! and to chuck it all in one place just wouldn't be a good idea.
    • big mirror. a very big one. 
    • the wardrobe is going to be in our room. when I say our room, it means in our freakin room. not somewhere outside. and yeah, I don't mind if we have small space for us as long as I get to have my wardrobe in our room.

    think you are bold enough to fulfill this checklist? then just sign up and you'll get the chance to date me!

    till then maybe you, my future husband can just get hints on how MY wardrobe should be with the help of these pictures. enjoy browsing!

    courtesy of google


    p/s: I swear to God if someone actually takes this seriously, I would buy him just whatever he wants. *pinky promise*

    back to school

    lol. how I wish that for real I am going back to school. but obviously school is not where I'm heading to in 2 weeks time. sad me. *crying a river*

    2 weeks left for the new semester. and hello peeps, I am a fourth semester student of UiTM, the Mass Comm Faculty of course!

    so for this semester, yes. gonna be an NR again. more experience to be gained. new people to mix with and new environment to go through Ramadhan. been waiting for this semester too actually. will be having interesting subjects and man! I can't wait for our photo subject. *ish. eager much*

    so just wish me luck guys and yes. I do need all strength to go through this semester.


    p/s: lets just see who'll be my new circle of friends for this semester, shall we? *winks*

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    From teen to -ty

    it's less than 2 hours now for 9th april to show up. while waiting, I'm thinking of just, you know. having some quality time here reminiscing old days.

    life is pretty much kinda surprising I guess. it was last year that I've thrown my 19th birthday party along with ummi and atok's birthdays as well at our home. well, it was how we normally celebrate it each year. buat makan makan and cake cutting ceremony. and it's pretty obvious this year there's no big gaga celebrations to be done. it's sad to actually celebrate this year's birthday because of the lost, but I'm pretty sure that ummi and atok wouldn't want our birthdays to not be celebrated as how we previously did.

    and so, nothing new this year. and not gonna celebrate besar-besaran pun as I'm still stuck in Melaka. waiting for my finals to end. oh yes, having my finals now. my third semester's finals which will be ended this upcoming thursday. I've sat for 4 papers already and so far, (forgive me if the words used are rude) CIT is very much a pain in my ass! literally, that's the only paper that makes me wanna curse and use all the foul words that ever existed in this world! MAN! scary weh bila buat paper tuh. sangat macam nyawa di hujung tanduk sebenarnya sebab no matter how much I did revise it but still...hmmph!

    so yeah, back to birthday. my last year as teen and welcome -ty years ahead! have to stick this fact in my head starting from now on. more to expect, shouldn't I? maybe something that would change my life or some other's life this upcoming years, and we would never know kannn?


    p/s: still holds the very wish that I had since 2008. and 5 years more to materialized it.

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    early marriage

    oh yes people of the radar. as I've promised previously I would share my opinions on this particular topic but before that, I would like you guys to bear with me for few seconds.

    remember this? this was what I felt in my previous entry. and do you guys know that after 4 days I blogged it, my dearly grandfather has passed away, living the rest of us to move on with our lives. yeap. on the 17th of January 2013, we've lost my atok, Mohammad Razalli Bin Abd Hamid due to; nothing. -__-. atok took his last breath without any sickness neither any illness, just like ummi before. which makes us a bit hard to accept this fate that ALLAH SWT has written for us. even though a couple of weeks has passed but we still feel the loss. the pain. the presence of both ummi and atok. it's been only 104 days after ummi left us and atok decided to be with her. well, I guess maybe he misses his 50 years companion, literally TOO MUCH. with us being around him doesn't help much in healing his condition being left by ummi.

    for atok, don't worry. as much I love ummi, that is how much I do love you. both of you have special places in my heart. kakak will always miss and love you both till the end of my life. ~al-fatihah~

    now back to our topic. oh yess people. naah. maybe this early marriage thing is kinda hard to dig about but come on. I wanna tell you guys what do I think about this matter. so, shall we?

    in my class, there are two of my classmates got married at the age of 19. well, they are married at the age of 19 and what the hell was I doing when I were 19? -.-' . I've never had the chance to talk personally to them and ask them why they've got married so fast but I guess maybe they have solid reasons on doing so.

    as for me, I have nothing against early marriage to be telling the truth. maybe for certain people, ALLAH has decided that's the best for their lives. but trust me when I say, getting married at teen-age is just so not me. why? good question!

    first thing first. I'm still young weh! hidup sendiri pun mak bapak yang still handle kan, ada hati nak handle hidup seorang lagi manusia.heh. kalau manusia yang sorang tu perangai sebaik baik alam, takpelah jugak. almaklum laa, lelaki ni payah sikit lah nak expect outcome dia. ingat senang ke nak urus hidup anak teruna orang hah?

    secondly, nak kahwin awal awal ni, dah puas hati ke enjoy? dah puas buat benda benda tak senonoh? for me la kan, nikah ni is like an ibadah. once your husband accepted those Ijab by replying the Qabul, it's a big responsibility waiting for you ahead. dah tak boleh buat sesuka hati dah. that is why I say, selagi masih diberi peluang nak berjimba, selagi masih lagi bebas tanpa sebarang ikatan (chewaahhh!) , gunakanlah sebaik mungkin. I'm not saying that it's compulsory for us to have fun, but come on. 17 years of schooling and obviously we will be living with our parents during that time. graduating from school, kita mesti dapat offer furthering studies kat Uni pulak kan? masa ni laa kita dapat free sikit from parents kita, kan? why not enjoy the time of being young, wild and free? and I'm absolute disagreeing on the concept, "kalau dah kahwin, automatic rasa nak buat benda benda tak senonoh tu semua mesti dah hilang". heh. itu semua bullshit! and why is that so? sebab nafsu dah mula kuasa diri and the only thing that occur on your mind is SEX?

    thirdly, getting married as early as 18 maybe? then how old is your husband? 25? 27? 30? 32? if it is, then it's okay laa. tapi kalau laki hangpa tuh jenis yang tua 2, 3 tahun je dari hangpa, tolonglah pikiaq balik masak masak chek oii! bukan apa. kalau yang dah banyak tahun tuh, at least (bukan semua) depa ni dah ada lah yang steady income nya, ye dak? yang umur selingkungan ni, nak suap anak dara orang makan apa oii kalau makan pakai sendiri pun mak bapak yang sponsor? what? ada PTPTN? MARA?heh. sedangkan untuk korang punya sendiri pun tak lepas, inikan pulak nak support dua orang punya hidup. ada sebab kenapa PT dgn MARA tu bagi pinjam cukup cukup satu semester sebenarnya.

    fourth, kahwin awal sebab nak elak terlibat dengan maksiat? why ehh? sebab sememangnya chuolls punya nafsu tinggi melangit ke? sampai takut terlanjur apa bagai. haiyo! grow up sikit boleh tak? semua orang ada akal kan? USE IT! begitu rendah ke tahap keimanan kau sampai sanggup nak terlanjur? mesti takkan? so what's with the reason? it's pathetic!

    and so, this is what I think about this so-called-early-marriage-thingy. well, maybe some of you might oppose my thoughts, but hey! we are Malaysian okay? and we practices democracy in this country and it's up to you on either to support or oppose. it's never a problem to me, seriously. it's not that I would go chasing after you with a stick of broom if you do disagree.heh

    my advice is (advice? me talking?) to THINK very carefully about this matter. this is also to be think by the parents as well. you wouldn't want to jeorpadize your children's future, aren't you, parents? as for teenagers, practically in this modern days, I do think that marriage should wait till we gained our success. wouldn't it be nice to graduate from degree singlely and to work out our asses to make fortune for ourselves? to repay our parents hardships in raising us up? and after completing all those, to be married to this one person, the love of your life with you already achieved a great deal of life enjoyment? wouldn't that be nice?

    me?hahahaa. nahh. I already have my target. I do want to get married after I'm 24. which I think it's a suitable age for girls to end their singlelism. and of course after collecting the amount of fortune that I've always wanted, after getting myself a car, a house, travelled to the places that I wanna go on my own with my grilfriends and cousins and family then only I will settle down. what? too many hopes and dreams? nahh. it's never a sin to dream high but it would be crashing much if the dreams couldn't be fulfilled. bear that!


    p/s: 5 years left to fulfilled the dreams. PHEWWWW!

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    complicated much? suck it up!

    hello and welcome 2013! well, it's already the 13th day of the year and guess what? I merely feels like I'm still stuck back in 2012 with all the upcoming.sigh. life is pretty much killing me eh?

    and so, 2012 for me indicates lots of things. I've experience love, lost, happiness and etc. but of course, the lost of ummi on the 5th of october still a pain for me till now. fuhhh. for the past few years I've been thinking what it would be like if someday, ummi and atok won't be around us anymore. and now, ALLAH shows me the answer. without the presence of ummi, my life is very much...uncomplete? well, you see now. I've been staying with ummi since I was born. mama used to work in KL and since ummi had retired merely few days I was born so basically she was my nanny back then. and yeah, to show how close I am with ummi and also atok, we each share our birthday in the same month which is april and celebrate the days by only difference 2 days. mine was on the 9th, ummi's 11th and atok is on the 13th. see? great numbers isn't it? but this year would be a plain day for whole of us. gahhh! I just can't imagine the following years to come celebrate our birthdays without ummi with us. something interesting about us, mama angah shares her birthday on the same day as ummi and atok's anniversary, exactly 45 years ago which is on the 3rd January. so, we (though I wans't around due to KI) did some tahlil. basically to celebrate mama angah's birthday and also for ummi and atok's anniversary. mama called me after the tahlil and was saying the dishes atok cooked for the night. though I hear laugh and loud but I know everyone during that time wasn't really enjoying the night. deep down, without ummi's presence somehow has taught us to hold our grief behind and act as if she is still around us. *mood: crying out loud*

    enough about that. move on to my study. hell yeah people. I'm already into my 3rd semester of diploma. well in case if uolls forgot, I'm a student of Mass Communication and Media studies in UiTM Lendu. basically I've completed a year of my study and that would take me another 2 years on completed this diploma. so far, life been hectic. very hectic. mind me when I say hectic because the number of assignments and work I have to do before I complete this semester which would be end of april, InsyaALLAH. PR needs me to go and interview the PRO of any organizations in Malaysia (thank God the event tak jadi buat!). writing for newspaper needs me to become one real journalist when I need to know the techniques on writing and preparing good story. CTU, GAHHHHHH!!!!!! why oh why it has to be such a pain in the a**? the CITU decides to make us, the Mass Comm semester 3 students to prepare a short film based on family matters as our final assignment. AIN'T FUNNY people! this is a serious matter for crying out loud! I eventually have to prepare the storyboard and also script for everyone. and where do I find ideas, please? -________-"

    well, for this semester I've decided to be a non-resident. yes. I'm an NR now. for time being, I'm renting an apartment just opposite the campus with memei and milin. the house is pretty much cozy and good to live in. I'm lovin' it!

    so, that's all till now, maybe? I wanted to write so much more but my head just went blank in a blink! has to sharpen my thinking and writing skills laaa. becoming rusty here, don't you think so?

    oh yeah! now I remember what I wanted to blog about.


    yeah, that was it. too many to be said and dig about this. I'm started to feel like this early marriage issue is a fun thing to talk about. what? am I considering one? well, does getting married at the age of 25/26 still counts in as early? if yes, you can count in me then! lol.

    I'll talk about this. soon. hopefully. if the assignments and tasks won't fall on my head like a big rock! till then, I wanna let you guys listen to this song. a song I used to hear before and thanks to Yana, it has been repeated on my track list again. just enjoy it laaa. okay?


    p/s: did he change his number or what?