Friday, June 7, 2013

scares the shit out of me

tak mau balik lendu. freakin fullstop!


p/s: resolution for this 3rd semester's holiday ain't complete. yet.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Indah Cintaku

psst. yes, call me some jiwang karat lady. but aww..this song is such a cutie lah. fell in love instantly with the lyrics.


p/s: never expect for someone who is perfect when you, yourself aren't that perfect. at all.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cinta Sejati

I've came across this song few days ago and damn the lyrics and the melody really melts me on the spot. in fact the movie itself made me shed tears while watching it. such a great movie and song. hats off!


p/s: BCL never fails to make me love her songs.

insanity strikes. mayday mayday!

Oh My Freakin Handphone! man, I've lost my baby at Taiping on my last day being there and now I'm phoneless. shitzzz. it's been two days without my baby and trust me when I say, I MISS MY BABY. it may not be as expensive as these days phones but buying it with my very own money and it cost me RM1000+ when I bought it using my own salary, after 3 months working at Hush Puppies before. 

so, I need a replacement.haisyo. which mama clearly mentions that she doesn't want to waste her money for. *sigh* . so I have to either save up real big fortune through out this semester, to work my ass off during the next semester holiday or just wait if ANYONE is kind enough to buy me one. *cross fingers*

it's between this 5 hard selections. amaigatzzzz!

anyone? please? T____T


p/s: sampai batuk + demam fikir pasal ni. hampehzzzz