Monday, July 15, 2013

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!

hello there. or better, Assalamualaikum dearies.

and so, it's Ramadhan! alhamdulillah because we've been given the oppurtunity to again go through this one precious holy month. ramadhan as far as already into it's sixth day for us at home were good. obviously not as good as past years, but life has to go on. surely ummi and atok wouldn't want us to undergo this month surrounded by sadness and keep on grieving, non?

just a quick update on what I've been gone through since the last entry. yes, the fourth semester started, and guess what? my schedule for this semester is deliberately very FREE. I'm not having any classes on monday which there won't be any monday blues for me for the upcoming 14 weeks and most of my classes weren't that packed at all. dahell happened to the system but all hails to UiTM for arranging such schedule for DMC 4D. lol.

most of my lecturers are men which I think they were so much FUN to be with especially for modern issues, publishing and grapic. and not to mention that my lecturer for graphic and publishing is the same and he, himself addressed him as the pharaoh because according to him, he is as the same kind as the pharaoh when it comes to dicipline and works. jeez. remind me not to create problem with him ehh.

as for journalism, we've got a lady and she's seriously been very good to me.haha. she even thought that I was the class rep which obviously I'm not and keep looking for me everytime before class starts. and somehow, I do have this feeling that I'm gonna love journalism based on what she've taught us recently... I guess.kroh krohh

and what else? hm...assignments? urghhh. makes me sick everytime I think about it. can we just skip that part till the next entry? will be getting all the patience to talk about it.huhu

and hey! Auntie Ros had given birth to a very healthy baby boy on the first of ramadhan. yeayyy! and he surely looks like gonna be a very handsome man like how his papa looks like. Auntie Ros has given birth which leaves Auntie Gina to soon join the motherhood club anytime from now onwards. goodluck Auntie Gina and Auntie Ros! and surely a big welcome to the world, Syed Farish Wafiy bin Syed Syazwan Al-Qadry!

that's all for now, perhaps? will try to write soon despite my upcoming busy schedule. selamat bersahur and berpuasa everyone!


p/s: having this difficulty to actually not to start smiling whenever he texts me. chaiit!

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