Wednesday, May 12, 2010


an entry like after 2 months without any updates. is running QUITE smoothly for time being for me either in school or my social life..which I take it as a life basis that happened in everyone's life.

went for an ICT camp organized by a group of FUN ROCKING people from MMU. had a really great time there on learning stuffs about IT specifically about graphics. and I've sort of celebrated my birthday there as we threw a small party in the dorm room.! ahaa.! and yeah..we've talked on the phone again on that night. we cheered for each other and both of us were happy that night. =)

and 17th sweet party was held.! not many people turned up but yeah we had lots of fun.! really wild night it was and we had a blast.! =)..thanks to my dearly GML..{Rasyiqah, Jaja, Aini, Tira, Mira and Farra}, pak cekk.! (thanx for the ride to pd the next day.! kau memang layak jadi driver aku. haha), Dyan, Nazeef, Khalissa, Firzanna, Diana and Ahsveena. Thank you so much for the presents given. we'll throw something bigger next year kay?haha

and yeah..on the 17th..the last year celebrating teacher's day.! a very happy day indeed. rasa macam tak nak tinggalkan sekolah pulak. but we have too kan? it's time for us to be a true adult as this is the rotation of time flies. rasa macam sekejap aje kat sekolah menengah ni. but to be frank..saya rasanya lebih suka untuk keluar dari sekolah daripada terus terpenjara kat dalam sekolah itu. ahaha. on the same day jugak..loads of presentations done by the teachers. memang happening gile la. tapi yang paling best would be yang dangdut involved by all the science and maths teachers. and then yang ustaz punya show dengan 3 daras pinggitan tu..haha..never expected yang someone called ustaz would be so much fun like him.

and so..exam starts. first paper would be bio and english. english was ok. but bio..huh.! killer gile.! memang dah boleh nak agak nanti apa result saya nanti.! ampun dan maaf puan salmah.! huhu. and the papers goes on sampai thurs. it was physics and HAHAHAHAHA. no comment.

last saturday was the solemnization event between IRMA SHALINOR and RIZLAN..huhu. tersangatnya gembira untuk mereka berdua. happy sangat tengok at last anty bong dah kahwin and dah ada husband that loves her so much. to uncle rizlan..jaga anty bong baik-baik. saya sayang dia dia sangat-sangat. and I know you can take a very good care of her. INSYAALLAH.

and back to this week..exams continue till friday with the last paper would be mode maths. hopefully yang itu bolehlah saya score. nak sangat dapat high marks untuk mode maths nanti.