Thursday, May 30, 2013

dream wardrobe

literally every normal girl would dream of having their very own wardrobe. and guess what? I am not excluded from the list! *lame, I know. just bear with it*

I've never thought that I would be saying this, but I might be getting a husband *coughs* that can provide me the wardrobe of my dream. maybe when he was about to become my husband or better still, le boyfriend, I'll just shoot him with..."hey! so do you think you can get me my very own wardrobe when we get married later?" LOL. if he says yes, oh wow! what a guy I'm getting married to! he must have really loves me, don't you think so?

as a husband, it is their duty to make their wife to be happy sooooo, if he plans to make me happy and so that he don't have to spend his nights outside of our room, I recommendly advising whoever he is to take note of what I want for my wardrobe. *coughs again*

wardrobe checklist:

    • separate wardrobe for us both. err...I know that we are husband and wife but are you sure you wanna share it with me? because I can feel that you would also have your very own clothes or shoes and God knows how many could it be! and to chuck it all in one place just wouldn't be a good idea.
    • big mirror. a very big one. 
    • the wardrobe is going to be in our room. when I say our room, it means in our freakin room. not somewhere outside. and yeah, I don't mind if we have small space for us as long as I get to have my wardrobe in our room.

    think you are bold enough to fulfill this checklist? then just sign up and you'll get the chance to date me!

    till then maybe you, my future husband can just get hints on how MY wardrobe should be with the help of these pictures. enjoy browsing!

    courtesy of google


    p/s: I swear to God if someone actually takes this seriously, I would buy him just whatever he wants. *pinky promise*

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