Monday, July 22, 2013

a 30 days blog challenge// Day 1

so, I've came across my friend's blog recently and you can check it here if you wanna know more. she started doing this thing called blog challenge and I thought, oh why not trying! seems fun and it only takes me 30 days to complete this challenge. guess then you'll be seeing me spamming your blog list (if you are following my blog) oftenly starting from today onwards till another 29 days to come. so here goes the challenge...

courtesy of bellaregaza

Day 1- Facts About Me

-I'm certainly a family girl. my weekends will always be filled with family's activities and I enjoyed to be part of it.

-I kinda love nature. I mean, I do love the seas and the mountains and the forests but somehow certain animals just freaks me out. I just hate fury animals especially rats. whenever I see rats anywhere near me, for only that moment you can see me running faster than usain bolt. no kiddin...

-heels lover. don't you think we girls looked sexayyy in heels? the higher, the better.

-recently I started to like all this vintage look on everything especially on accessories and also pictures. mannn...they do look good!

-everything that includes romance in it. haa..check out my blog's background. isn't it sweet when you look at it?

-hm...I kinda fell for mostly guys who their names starts with H. ackward...


p/s: well, at least now I'm commited.

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