Friday, July 26, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 4 & 5

seems like I owe something to myself and even my precious blog. my internet line was down for two days and mannnnn, you can't tell how did I survived through these days. yeayyy to me I guess?hahahhaha

so here it is, MY FREAKIN BLOG CHALLENGE!!!!!

Day 4- My Celebrity Crush

are you kidding me? there would be a very longgggggggggggg list for this question laaa. but just to mention a few of them (which are actually quite a number) ,

- the kinda old but versatile actor, Hugh Grant.

- also I would say the gorgeous, perfect kind of husband, Brad Pitt.

- obviously, the drop dead handsome lelaki melayu terakhir for time being, Remy Ishak.

- and did I mention Izzue Islam? oh yes peeps. he has what it takes to be my crush. LOL

-simply had a crush on him when I were a form two student since he was the first Malaysian Angkasawan, Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor or more known as Dr SMS.

- and yes. I do have crush on girls too. well in this case I would say that Nasha Aziz, Nora Danish and Vivy Yusof are one heck of beautiful ladies I've ever laid my eyes on. gitchuuuu

- and yes, Adi Putra. ahhhhhh

Day 5- A Habit that I Wish I don't Have

aah-huh! this one freakin habit that I hated so much. tidur lepas makan. oh godddd. that is why it's so so so so so hard to reduce my weight. :(


p/s: it's getting fun. yeayyy!

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