Thursday, May 30, 2013

back to school

lol. how I wish that for real I am going back to school. but obviously school is not where I'm heading to in 2 weeks time. sad me. *crying a river*

2 weeks left for the new semester. and hello peeps, I am a fourth semester student of UiTM, the Mass Comm Faculty of course!

so for this semester, yes. gonna be an NR again. more experience to be gained. new people to mix with and new environment to go through Ramadhan. been waiting for this semester too actually. will be having interesting subjects and man! I can't wait for our photo subject. *ish. eager much*

so just wish me luck guys and yes. I do need all strength to go through this semester.


p/s: lets just see who'll be my new circle of friends for this semester, shall we? *winks*

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