Sunday, January 13, 2013

complicated much? suck it up!

hello and welcome 2013! well, it's already the 13th day of the year and guess what? I merely feels like I'm still stuck back in 2012 with all the upcoming.sigh. life is pretty much killing me eh?

and so, 2012 for me indicates lots of things. I've experience love, lost, happiness and etc. but of course, the lost of ummi on the 5th of october still a pain for me till now. fuhhh. for the past few years I've been thinking what it would be like if someday, ummi and atok won't be around us anymore. and now, ALLAH shows me the answer. without the presence of ummi, my life is very much...uncomplete? well, you see now. I've been staying with ummi since I was born. mama used to work in KL and since ummi had retired merely few days I was born so basically she was my nanny back then. and yeah, to show how close I am with ummi and also atok, we each share our birthday in the same month which is april and celebrate the days by only difference 2 days. mine was on the 9th, ummi's 11th and atok is on the 13th. see? great numbers isn't it? but this year would be a plain day for whole of us. gahhh! I just can't imagine the following years to come celebrate our birthdays without ummi with us. something interesting about us, mama angah shares her birthday on the same day as ummi and atok's anniversary, exactly 45 years ago which is on the 3rd January. so, we (though I wans't around due to KI) did some tahlil. basically to celebrate mama angah's birthday and also for ummi and atok's anniversary. mama called me after the tahlil and was saying the dishes atok cooked for the night. though I hear laugh and loud but I know everyone during that time wasn't really enjoying the night. deep down, without ummi's presence somehow has taught us to hold our grief behind and act as if she is still around us. *mood: crying out loud*

enough about that. move on to my study. hell yeah people. I'm already into my 3rd semester of diploma. well in case if uolls forgot, I'm a student of Mass Communication and Media studies in UiTM Lendu. basically I've completed a year of my study and that would take me another 2 years on completed this diploma. so far, life been hectic. very hectic. mind me when I say hectic because the number of assignments and work I have to do before I complete this semester which would be end of april, InsyaALLAH. PR needs me to go and interview the PRO of any organizations in Malaysia (thank God the event tak jadi buat!). writing for newspaper needs me to become one real journalist when I need to know the techniques on writing and preparing good story. CTU, GAHHHHHH!!!!!! why oh why it has to be such a pain in the a**? the CITU decides to make us, the Mass Comm semester 3 students to prepare a short film based on family matters as our final assignment. AIN'T FUNNY people! this is a serious matter for crying out loud! I eventually have to prepare the storyboard and also script for everyone. and where do I find ideas, please? -________-"

well, for this semester I've decided to be a non-resident. yes. I'm an NR now. for time being, I'm renting an apartment just opposite the campus with memei and milin. the house is pretty much cozy and good to live in. I'm lovin' it!

so, that's all till now, maybe? I wanted to write so much more but my head just went blank in a blink! has to sharpen my thinking and writing skills laaa. becoming rusty here, don't you think so?

oh yeah! now I remember what I wanted to blog about.


yeah, that was it. too many to be said and dig about this. I'm started to feel like this early marriage issue is a fun thing to talk about. what? am I considering one? well, does getting married at the age of 25/26 still counts in as early? if yes, you can count in me then! lol.

I'll talk about this. soon. hopefully. if the assignments and tasks won't fall on my head like a big rock! till then, I wanna let you guys listen to this song. a song I used to hear before and thanks to Yana, it has been repeated on my track list again. just enjoy it laaa. okay?


p/s: did he change his number or what?