Monday, April 8, 2013

From teen to -ty

it's less than 2 hours now for 9th april to show up. while waiting, I'm thinking of just, you know. having some quality time here reminiscing old days.

life is pretty much kinda surprising I guess. it was last year that I've thrown my 19th birthday party along with ummi and atok's birthdays as well at our home. well, it was how we normally celebrate it each year. buat makan makan and cake cutting ceremony. and it's pretty obvious this year there's no big gaga celebrations to be done. it's sad to actually celebrate this year's birthday because of the lost, but I'm pretty sure that ummi and atok wouldn't want our birthdays to not be celebrated as how we previously did.

and so, nothing new this year. and not gonna celebrate besar-besaran pun as I'm still stuck in Melaka. waiting for my finals to end. oh yes, having my finals now. my third semester's finals which will be ended this upcoming thursday. I've sat for 4 papers already and so far, (forgive me if the words used are rude) CIT is very much a pain in my ass! literally, that's the only paper that makes me wanna curse and use all the foul words that ever existed in this world! MAN! scary weh bila buat paper tuh. sangat macam nyawa di hujung tanduk sebenarnya sebab no matter how much I did revise it but still...hmmph!

so yeah, back to birthday. my last year as teen and welcome -ty years ahead! have to stick this fact in my head starting from now on. more to expect, shouldn't I? maybe something that would change my life or some other's life this upcoming years, and we would never know kannn?


p/s: still holds the very wish that I had since 2008. and 5 years more to materialized it.

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