Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 3

here's a quick update before I leave for my Eco class. yes people, I have night class but luckily it's only for an hour!

Day 3- My Favourite Movies

when it comes to movies, all that I can say is that I am no fan of horror movie. pretty lame maybe, but I am so not gonna waste my time watching something that can make me tired at the end of the movie by eventually screaming through out the showtime. na-ah!

anything funny, sweet, romantic, adventurous, superheroes kinds of movies pretty much are my favourite.

but still my favourite movie all time (for time being) would be Notting Hill. yeap. the one Julia Robert and Hugh Grant acted in. simple but yet, each scene means so much if you really watch it. ahhh. till now whenever I watch it, I will go aaaahhh, uuuuu, awwww. hahahhahhahahha


p/s: triggers me to visit Notting Hill after watching that movie.

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