Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Challenge// Day 6, 7, 8 and 9

I am soooooooooooooooooo sorry for not updating. been busy going here and there since last saturday actually. that makes me a little tired and to actually sit in front of my lappy and blog this down also adalah sangat sangat sangat malas.huhu

but no worries. I'll make sure that for the days that I've skipped blogging this blog challenge, I'll sum up the amount of days I've left in one entry so that it would be easy for you guys to catch up. like what I did in my previous entry.

Day 6- What Makes Me Different from Anyone Else...

hm.. I don't really think I differ from the rest of the people I know or even the people I mingle with. but somehow most of my friends think that I am one good planner and somehow I kinda agree with them. I mean, I LOVEEEEEEEE to plan anything and most of what I've planned would eventually flows very well. so I guess I could say that I am a good planner! lol

Day 7- If I Could Wish Anything That Would Come True, What Would I Wish For...

- I would actually wish for all my family members to be with me till the day I took my last breath. already living without atok and ummi for nearly a year now really kills if I would need to go through another loss. I could actually can't go through it. not anymore.

- another wish that I'm gonna wish for is to have a very good life ahead me which includes good career, good marriage life, and of course good ibadah with the one ultimate creator, ALLAH SWT.

Day 8- Have I Ever Had My Heart Broken and Have I Ever Broken A Heart...

oh ho. this is actually very serious topic.hahaha. hm..it's gonna be a pure lie if I say that my heart was never been hurt. eventually, yes. someone did broke my heart and it was years ago. but what I can say is that maybe memang takde jodoh between us both (gitchuuuu...) so till now we maintained as friends and hopefully will always be so till the end of our lives journey, InsyaAllah. and as me breaking someone's heart, nahhh. so far, I'm still the one who really wouldn't have the guts to do so. err...am I?hahha

Day 9- My Dream Wedding...

I read what my dear friend wrote in her entry about this and she thinks that she can't go more than me coz I pretty much have a very long list for my wedding.hahaha. well guys, eventually she's right!

I've been dreaming on how my wedding should be when I got married since I don't know, forever?! I once wrote an entry regarding this topic but still I wanna share again with you guys specifically about my latest dream wedding.

I think I would want 4 ceremonies for my wedding. most importantly of course the solemnization ceremony followed by my reception, a simple reception just for our friends and acquaitance and his side.

I wanna have that so called white spring and romantic theme for my solemnization or nikah which everything should be in white and pastels colors that will light up the romantic aura. and I want it to be done at my house. a place where I've grown up and there is where I want my status to change from single to married. my dulang girls will be wearing any kinds of dresses that they want BUTTTTTT I want it to be baby pink. as for the groom's side, the dulang boys will be wearing a full set black baju melayu. the maids will be wearing mint green, my family will be wearing baby blue and his side will be wearing lilac.

as for my reception I was thinking for something more traditional and classy. was thinking of wearing gold but traditional doesn't mean that I have to dress like olden days so I think me and my husband (like seriously I mentioned that?!) gonna wear any shades of gray or silver which I think the new in colors for bridal outfits. my maids will be wearing peach, my side will be wearing the royal green color and his side will be wearing maroon or red. literally, blood red if I can say.

in malay custom, mostly for the groom's side there won't be a very big celebration as how the bride would do. but who cares! he gets me as his wife so dearly in-laws, you just won't escape in doing a grand wedding on your side to welcome me to your family.lalala. I was thinking something simple and demure for my husband's reception. the theme would be English but of course with the touch of contemporary and not to forget the elements of traditional to be included. we both would wear turqoise green or blue while my maids gonna wear cream, my family gold and his family would be in silver.

now here's the best thing. I've seen this one wedding and I've attend a wedding which was only for friends and no family members at all. and I was like, I soooooooooo wanna have this for my wedding. it would be a leisure one and the theme would be glam & glitz. knowing my friends, I'm pretty sure they will so gonnaaaaa dress up so much that they will go on top of me.haha. I'm gonna wear off white and he will wear a tux. for this reception, I will let anyone, anyone to give their speech. then I'll know what do they think about us through out the years that we've became friends. intresting huh? you bet it will.

besides that, I was thinking to have one of this malay custom for my wedding celebration, the adat bersiram. it's when I'm gonna be poured by the elderly or anyone with water along with few types of flowers which according to the old days people to naikkan the seri of the bride. uh-huh! that is what I wanna hear. I wanna be glowing all the time. oh come on, it's my freaking wedding! should be laa I glow all the time kannn?hahahhaha


p/s: heart attack maybe for anyone who's becoming my husband.hahaha

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