Thursday, May 30, 2013


well hello there. again I do think that I do best in writing, so this is why I'm back. dearie lappy was not in a good condition for the pass one month and so makes me a little crazeeeeh since I have so much to write up for my 2 months holidays. but when it's back to business, well, penyakit M saya pun mula lah membiak kembali dalam setiap urat dalam badan ni sampai hilang terus feel nak bebel pape. lame. I know. blerggh

so, today it's the 30th of May. and wow, how time flies!! which means we are getting closer to Ramadhan and Syawal. gahh. one thing for sure, both of this sacred months will never be the same again. there wouldn't be atok's rendang ayam for hari mantai (which is the Ramadhan and Syawal's eve. the Negeri Sembilan's people named it as hari mantai) and ummi's kuah kacang (nuts gravy) for hari raya. maigadd! been 19 years that I had those dishes for my raya treats and all of the sudden, I wouldn't get to eat it anymore after this.

now and then, I tend to get jealous whenever I see my friends updating about their grandparents. kinda of envy too. tried not to be such a baby about that, but losing ummi and atok in such a time is not a good thing for me. it's kinda unfair to lose them both when I haven't achieved anything to make them proud of me. mama for example, her grandmother whom I addressed as nyang lived till she was 90 years old while mama was 49. 49! mama got to give her grandmother to see her with 3 kids. and me? sigh.

but whatever it is, I know ALLAH SWT has better plans for both atok and ummi and all that I can do is that to always pray for them. ~Al-Fatihah~

and so. speaking about raya, well this year we've decided to pick Mint Green as our theme color. main reason why we chose this color because Aunty N is getting married in September and it's her theme color. so to actually save up some cost because we are going somewhere for a short trip in middle of september, mama asked to just make that color as our theme color too. whatever you said, mam...

courtesy of google

so this is the color that I should be looking for. and this year jugak iolls nak try beli baju dah siap. oh no. I am not talking about custom made kurungs but those which are sold at boutiques. takpelah mahal sikit as long iolls tak payah nak memeningkan kepala nak fikir nak jahit kat mana because my tailor yang sekarang ni dah macam tak reti nak menjahit langsung. eee...bengkak pulak hati kita ni tau!

I've tried checking out online boutiques but oh maiii. can't they be more expensive? RM550 for a thai silk kurung which I can get it at Jalan TAR for just...what? RM35?pfft. baru ingat nak grab the ones Jovian Mandagie and Rizalman selling now at Zalora. but still of course there wouldn't be my choice of color. this is the hardest part when it comes on buying ready made kurungs *double sigh*

so I guess I just have to go to the hot spots like Shah Alam or Jalan TAR to get the kurung. gahhhh! killing me to actually walk from one shop to another.haisyo. means that I have to block two days which means my weekend to go around. pray for me please? thank you!


p/s: juling mata iolls tengok color yang menariks. thinking to pick the colors now for my 5 years plan. *pukes*

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