Tuesday, December 29, 2009

_ _ _ _ _ AZIZ. and Idzham Naim..=.='

payahnya nak lupakan dia. how come it's so hard for me? this is not me! I was supposed to be done with him by now. not letting myself to be treated as a dungu. like a complete idiot. waiting and waiting and knowing that will never ever something going to happene between him and me. so..what is the point? wasted a year on him. dissapointing other people that always wants me back.

AHAA. sampai sekarang I x boleh nk let you go coz I feel that I can make you mine. looks hard...but deep in my heart...you're someone that I'm always waiting for. everything about you attracts me in so many ways thou we've never meet each other yet. kenapa agaknya yea? it's been hard for me to discover about the true feeling of mine right now towards you. payahlah...payah!

Idz...I tahu. you always there by my side whenever I need you. just keep holding on coz no one knows where life takes us. kalau ada rezeki between us again..I won't be hesitating to accept you back. INSYAALLAH.


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