Thursday, December 17, 2009

saket yang tak terkira.

dah tataw nak cakap ape lagi dah..sedih gile bila dia tak appreciate aku..susah sangat ke die nak faham pasal aku minat die? atau just because he doen't like doesn't mean die tak bole bagi a simple Q kan? well at me that u know that I like it that hard? kalau die x nak's ok. we can just stay as friends but a little more than friends. It wouldn't harm him anythingkan? =.='

ntahla..after giving it a very long thought..I just discovered that..I've wasted nearly a year hoping on him. Where is the Marsya that well known for her flirtious with the guys around her? I'm totally down and there's nothing I could do to get him if he doesn't show me the way to do so..

saya dah tataw nak buat ape lagi dah..kalau ade sesape yang boleh bersharing is caring dgn saya..silalah berbuat demikian..saya amat memerlukannya..=(



  1. u go sya.tak slh menghrp kat die.
    tpi die mcm tak phm2 je.
    its better to move on and find other guy.
    btw,pndai u crik gmba yek.

  2. haha..
    wa x nk menghrp lg dah..
    wa nk flirt dgn org laen..
    here I come!