Sunday, December 13, 2009

first post.

after few persuades from dearest friends...and here I am. My first blog post.
nothing much to say. more on how my life revolves around me.

I have nothing much to expect in life. 16 going to 17 years of breathing is worth living for me. I'm happy with my surroundings and never intend to change or exchange my life with anyone. it's normal for humans to have ups and downs in their lives. same goes to me. no one is perfect. so never expect the same from people if you are not perfect too.

for the new year is coming..I have few aims in life for 2010.

* will try all my best to get 10 A+.
* get the guy which I'm seriously feel head over heels toward him.
* to be the best senior.
* and to make my family proud of me.

SPM coming next year. ALLAH knows how hard 2010 would be for me. but InsyaALLAH, ALLAH will always be my side no matter happen to me. AMIN!

my first post.


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