Monday, December 28, 2009

total excitement

it's the last week of holidays and walla!..I'm form 5 next year! makes me the senior of the year...muahaha. the tittle I've been yearning for since I left standard 6 about 5 years ago.

well this week would be the highlights of the year. my very..(indeed) a close aunty to me would be engaged on the new year! we've been waiting for her wedding since few couples of years. and this is it! wow! can't believe this! haha

and school's starting next week. new responsibilities waiting ahead. can't fool around anymore. SPM candie! time flies! I'm gonna be 17 and in 2011...I'm done with school! haha..

some of the pictures taken during mimie's prom nite at tropicana damansara golf & country resort. it was kinda boring but we had some fun there. haha. and of eyes catched some hoy stunning boys that nite! haha..awesome!


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