Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what mind says...

ingat tak lagu yang hancurnya hatiku? the one I've posted here few weeks ago? huhu. yup! di saat dan ketika ini, memang lagu tu menghantui saya wherever I go, whatever I do. lagu tu saya dengar dalam cerita Cinta Kirana yang sekarang ni sedang ditayangkan di Asro RIA.

masa mula-mula dengar lagu tu...saya terfikirkan si dia lagi. haih...ntahlah. susah betul nak erase dia from my mind. it's like...dia dah menempel kat dinding-dinding otak saya nie. kalau nak suruh dia blah, tak boleh nak guna apa-apa yang lain as bleacher. the only thing to make him gone is to have another one guy, untuk jadi replacer muka dia, menempel kat otak saya ini.

to you, on this very day. if you happen to read this, I just want you to know that, no matter how hard or how suffering I am to let you go, I'm still trying to accept that we can never go beyond this relation called friendship. cause, for all I know, you've already have that someone that you love. I just don't know how far your relation with her been going on, but I do know, she's a very lucky girl cause she was chosen by you. please do take care of her though I don't know who she is.


p/s: sape nak tolong saya lupakan dia?

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