Saturday, February 13, 2010


very satissfied with my new blog look..haha. lovely. not too crowded and reflects me who doesn't like crowded stuffs. looks ok to me. for now, wouldn't know later on.

yeayyy! hols started for a week.! btw, I had a day earlier coz I didn't go to school on Friday. wanna know why? coz I didn't finish much works and I've got to handed in. haha. so yeah! I skipped school. so does tira. but mira went coz she didn't come on thursday. which means I had one extra day than everyone.haha

and so, i've got the latest updates on my uncle's wedding. evrything is changing and I've lost track. like..oh come on! nearly everything is changing and no one inform us. the wedding is less than a month and everything to me seems so mess up.! the bride side was actually planned to do the wedding on 2 days and so we agreed. but then they changed it to one day. which means, after akad nikah would be the reception at the hall. and from the latest updates, they changed it back to 2 days plan. I was like.. WTH?! it means that we have to find one extra clothes. haisyh.! such a nuisancelah.


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