Tuesday, February 23, 2010


well..well..well..it was a spectacular last weekend. I seriously think that after living for about 17 years, the last weekend was one of my bestest weekend ever.! haha.. wanna know why?

obviously..he and I chatted again.! and this time it was the whole 4 days including today.haha. we are seriously the "teman tapi mesra" type right now..haha..after all-the-so-called-hard-works..we are re-connected again..

and something that I've just know about him is that his a BLUES.! haisyo..and too bad..he do watches football..waaaa....I can start imagining when I started dating him..my lepak place would be anywhere that will have the big screens..haha

AHAA..saya rasa kita dah boleh do something about our teman tapi mesra relationship..maybe..take it to the next stage?haha..

L-U-C-K-Y me if that does happened..haha


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