Thursday, February 3, 2011


well peeps. the month of love is finally here. it ain't have any meaning for me thou but I do appreciate this month as my parents were tied in their matrimony 19 years ago on the 21st feb 1992. and my sister were also born on in this month, 11th feb 1999. few of my cousins are also celebrating their birthdays in this month. and that is why I fell so much love in this month.

and...haha. I still can't get over him it seems. it's not that I didn't try but I guess...his just too hard for me to resist you see. his like...urgh.! to be clear enough, YES! whenever I think of heart pounds like no one's business and it hurts knowing that I'm fighting here to forget him and me..are nothing to him. unfair life it seems. but what can I do other than hoping that for just this time that I can just get rid of him from my thoughts! but I guess...his too "charming" to let go, isn't he? I still can't just forget for each words he told me last year. maybe when I meet someone new, this hatred might eased me just a little bit.

and yeah. am missing so many people right now. for example...

marsya, meah, farah z, jaja, syiqa,tira, aini.

dearest GML. haila...memang dah lama tak berkumpul together-gether. miss sangat time kat kelas dulu. gossip, drama, love, hate. it's naturally us. it's like...we were born to be a gang. padahal masa form 4, bertegur, HARAM! never kot! tapi bila form 5..macam sisters. even I think I'm closer to them rather than with my sister. haish. enjoyed their presence by my side last year. =)

nayzu and mimie.

mereka berdua ni. kapan agaknya kiterang nak kumpul balik. sorang kat kedah, sorang kat banting. memang utara dengan jawa betul. tapi nak buat macam mana's the way life is. the more we thought we could get together, the more apart we are. (ada gaya tulis hipotesis tak?hee). but seriously memang rindu gila dengan diorang nie. everytime jumpa pun sekejap sekejap jea. sungguh la tak aci.heesyh.

too much blabbering? here's a song...">rindu setengah mati by D'masiv. sesuai lah dengan mood saya yang tengah merindu ni. hah? rindu sapa? shuhh...


p/s: sampai sekarang, air mata belum mengalir lagi pasal dia.

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