Monday, February 14, 2011

doing and act normal

I've HAD this friend. wondering why HAD to be in capital letters? I'll tell why...

once, when I was in primary, I've HAD this friend. her name D****. well, we weren't that close though we were in the same class when we were in standard 5. she was more closer to syiqin. and then, when we moved on to standard 6, we were in the same gang with the rest of my still remaining friends. and...yeah! you can say that she's my best friend that time.

and then...secondary. she's being okay till form 3. we went to the same tuition centre and everything started. sometimes...I wondered. am I one of the reasons that she's changed? because I know. she's not who she is now. my dearie friend have actually changed to a complete slut!

she met with new guys during tuition and actually hooked up with one of our guy friends. at first I wasn't that agree with her decision but when he actually promised me that he'll never neglected her, so I was pretty okay with that idea that they are together. moving on to form 4, she started mixing around with nonsense and craps! she broke up with him and definitely that is not his fault at all. knowing her and her changes, I just know that it's totally her fault that they've broke up.

and so...her new so-called-friends influenced her to become from good to bad. and day by day, from bad to worse. she started to lie to her parents. going around everywhere with anonymous guys. acting naive when she's actually a bitch. it's sickening to see her that way but if she...herself are acting normal about that, then I think I shouldn't have been wasting my time being concerned...right?

so...I don't really give a damn to whatever she's being doing lately till towards the end of last year. I actually met and knew this one guy. his from somewhere around here. we were doing good till I found out that this slut actually is friends with him. okay fine. it's his right to be friends with whoever he wants.

till last week I found out they actually are TOGETHER! dahlah tak bagitahu kat saya yang dorang tu sebenarnya berkawan. lepas tu couple pulak!

macam mana lah aku tak baran dengan kau. aku kawan kau pun kau sanggup nak tikam dari belakang. padahal kau tahu aku dengan H***** tu macam mana. lagi mau makan sekaki ke? sedarlah sikit wahai slut. kalau aku tak kenal dia...dengan kau pun dia tak kenal kau tahu tak! orang macam kau ni...patutnya dari dulu lagi tak berkawan dengan aku kalau perangai kau jadi macam ni. menipu mak bapak. meleser tak tentu pasal. aku tak cakap aku baik tapi at least aku tak sesenangnya nak ikut jantan ke hulur ke hilir. kau memang hebatlah slut. dulu beria ria cakap dengan aku, pape hal pun BFF! taik kau lah! BFF aku takkan buat aku macam ni. BFF aku respect aku as BFF dia. kau memang tak layak nak jadi BFF even kawan aku pun. aku serius jijik dengan kau. perangai kau nie...sebenarnya lagi teruk dari A***** tau. at least dia tak pernah nak makan aku dari belakang. dia attack aku depan-depan. tapi kau? kawan aku sendiri makan aku dari belakang. you don't deserve me as your friend la wei!!

so that is how a friend, became...I don't know. History maybe? people quoted, let be our love is the first and the last but never make friendship one.

but I say different. let friendship be the first and last it when we don't need it.



  1. nice nice nice!!! hahaha

  2. erm well hahaha...nak gelak ot...good job babe

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . chill . buat la cte sal aku ke . mnarik ckit <3