Sunday, December 12, 2010

Norasyiqin Ismail

another entry for a very dearest friend. maybe we've known each other for a short period. but we one can understands us more than both of us. we know that no matter how different we are...which circle of friends we belong to...what type of music that we listen...we still have LOADS of things in common. WRITING, MOVIE, MUSICS, AND READING! we have shared everything together right...since we were 11. and to be frank...I do think that my closest friend for all this years is you.!haha...sounded lame right? but that's the truth.! when I mean closest friend, I do mean it with every means. our family are close with each other. you know what's my fav and hates. and I think I know what's yours too.haha

so yeah. hopefully this friendship will last even longer than anyone's.haha love you babe!



  1. saw my comment, didnt you?

    HAHAHA love you too babe!! BFF! =pp