Friday, December 24, 2010

24th December..

ou yeah. it's been two years now after that historic day I know him. sounded lame huh?haha. tell me about that!

we first know each other thru my dearest auntie..nazurah malek. it was on the 2008 christmas's eve that I first texted him. it went well thru the whole conversation.

and masa mula-mula tu..tak terfikir pun nak sukakan dia. but then dah masuk year 2009...baru macam rasa..his different from the others. janganlah fikir saya cakap dia lain sebab saya sukan dia. tapi dia memang lain. don't know why..but maybe that's the reason why did I fell in love with him.

so yeah. hari ni, dah masuk dua tahun saya kenal dia. who cares if he doesn't remember this date as long I do! hope sangat he'll read this entry sebab nak dia tahu. masa dia cakap that we can stay as a friend, he never did his part as a friend. a friend won't just dump a friend because of small petty things like what we've been thru.

so..AHAA. happy-we-know-each-other-day! may ALLAH bless.