Saturday, March 17, 2012


there's this time at UiTM Lendu that we call it as time meroyan. nak tahu apa kita orang buat bila meroyan?

*melalak lagu jiwang. perkara wajib tiap malam. kalau Yana mesti lagu I Just Called To Say I Love You tu and saya pulak lagu Terukir Di Bintang. macam nak belajar gitar sebab nak suruh mr. future right mainkan untuk saya malam malam sayu macam ni.chewahhhh!!!!

*menjerit nama masing-masing macam ni.

saya: Yanaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........
Yana: Marsyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

*bergosip pasal hal semasa. roughly about ourselves. wajibul ghunnah!

*fikir pasal future.

the ultimate moment I'll be missing through out my two months holidays would be this session. gahhhhhhhh!!!!


p/s: sometimes, being honest can hurt someone. but if you don't and let that someone to figure out and found out the truth hurts them, you would feel sorry. and don't blame that someone if he/she ignores you. for good.

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