Wednesday, June 2, 2010

to enche AHAA..

seandainya you bukak page I..I just nak you tahu yang I nak minta maaf sangat sangat from you. and I tak nak kita macam ni lagi. kalau boleh I..I nak kita macam before you call I. those days when we can laugh and texts each other without being ackward. I want those days to be badly.

I have every rights to be angry with me. but as you said..kalau masih ada yang buat you tak puas hati lagi, we can talk. I dah takde ape-ape masalah lagi dah. for me, I have no more hard feelings in my heart. I dah boleh terima yang you just nak berkawan dengan I. I'm used to the idea now and how I wished we can keep in touch again as I wanna say that..I'm really sorry.


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