Wednesday, March 10, 2010

all in one.

tomorrow would be the day where someone who took SPM last year would have been yelling, jumping, screeming and maybe crying after they received their result. and I don't know why, I'm just as restless as they are. and why should I right? it would take me at least a year to feel the excruciating feeling on knowing my result. and I just have to feel it now la..

as for mimie, nayzu, sis mira, AHAA, aqwa, lela, jasmine, sis aimi and others who will be taking results tomorrow, wishing you all the very best.! especially for him. always pray the best for you thou we are far apart..huhu..=)

and so..last week was our monthly test and guess what? out of 10 papers that i took..basically I manage to answer all the questions but..but..but..haha..I wouldn't want to know what my result would be.haha. it's freaking scary when you see the way your teachers marked the papers. it's like the paper were just a normal exercise paper given to you in class.! like it was too easy to score the paper..adoissyh.!

but happy still coz I just had a new 2nd cousin.. and it's a girl.! wuhuuu...! haha..congrats aunty emmy and uncle is.! a girl at last.=)

and the sad news was that..athira break up again.! and this time..I'm totally pissed with that guy. JERK.! and seriously.. DAYUS!!! the reasons are kinda P & C for me to blog it down me.! anyone who knows about this conflict would just feel the same way as most of our friends feel. and for the sarawakians..we may not understand the language as we are not as stupid and psycho as you are, BITHCHES!!


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